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Through a disciplined, creative investment approach, we will inject capital in healthcare companies, excluding life science. 

For early-stage companies, we prefer to invest in a management team that offers a unique clinical and/or business value proposition to customers such as cost mitigation and/or revenue enhancement, which invariably produces a first-mover advantage over the competition. These businesses should have a management team composed of seasoned professionals, and are preferably generating a stream of recurring non-pilot, commercial revenue.   

For mature entities, we prefer to make long-term investments in those that have weathered the peaks and troughs of the economy, and have strong customer and/or contractual relationships with a proven track record of generating stable revenue and cash flow. 

We are patient investors who seek to cultivate and nurture our investments. We embrace the challenge of working closely with a highly-motivated and skilled management team focused on driving top line growth and cash flow. We strive to incentivize management by aligning its long-term interests with those of the shareholders. 

We are seasoned professionals with several years of experience in financial and operational restructuring. We feel that this breadth of knowledge is the basis for maximizing value and earning superior returns on invested capital.