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Supportive Care was a home care staffing agency located outside of Philadelphia offering personal care, home support and companion care services. Prior to purchase, its revenue and cash flow were deteriorating. The management team executed a turnaround plan focused on business development and operational improvements, which yielded double digit increases in revenue and cash flow generation.  

Acquired by AmeriBest Home Care in May 2019​
Socrates is developing a convenient, accurate and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, which obviates the requirement to collect a blood sample. The proprietary device, which clips to the ear, provides an accurate blood glucose reading in seconds. Diabetics will also benefit by saving hundreds of dollars per year in routine costs associated with blood testing strips.
Conversa Health developed a proprietary software that facilitates communication between care teams and patients between visits. The platform leverages patient-generated health data to deliver personalized correspondences that assists patients in adhering to care plans, which yield better health outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Inter-visit patient outreach, engagement and collaboration have resulted in lower hospital re-admissions, improved workflow with patient prioritization and utilization of care delivery resources, and higher reimbursement rates per patient.

RxREVU is the leader in prescription decision support. Its analytics platform is designed to assist healthcare providers and patients at the point of care. Integrated into the EHR and clinical workflow, RxREVU’s solution drives consistent, informed and measurable prescription decisions to drive down costs, improve outcomes and increase compliance.

OpenMarkets developed a data analytics platform, which allows healthcare providers to realize cost savings on capital equipment purchases by aggregating group buy opportunities. The company leverages its network to negotiate volume-based discounts from equipment vendors below existing quotes and contract prices. OpenMarkets also facilitates the sale and direct purchase of used equipment, as well as offering trade-in price validations, auction services and asset inventories.

LifeDojo develops 12-week online corporate wellbeing programs that lead employees through a journey of motivation, daily action and support, which result in sustainable health behavior change. Employees design their own wellness programs in a unique, bottom-up approach, which has yielded ROI gains over four times for client companies. 

Acquired by Ontrak in October 2020
PierianDx enables health systems, academic medical centers and commercial labs to deliver patient-specific diagnosis and treatments based on an individual’s DNA. PierianDx’s proprietary Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW) provides clinical labs more streamlined and accurate analysis, interpretation, and reporting needed to accelerate their personalized medicine programs.

Acquired Tute Genomics, our initial investment, in October 2016​

CrowdMed developed a prediction market technology to medical data, which can uncover diagnoses to real-world medical cases that have been unsolved for years. CrowdMed harnesses the collective intelligence of thousands of medical experts from around the world to collaborate on its online platform to produce accurate and insightful diagnostic suggestions.

Quantgene is developing the first fully-integrated cell-free DNA technology stack to accurately detect multiple types of cancer in their early stages from one blood draw. By combining chemistry, laboratory processes, software systems, data and machine learning in one seamless deep genomics sequencing platform, Quantgene is unlocking single molecule precision in key cancer diagnostics. ​

PharmaCCX developed an independent, third-party technology platform on which pharmaceutical companies and payors dynamically negotiate prices based on scientific evidence and economic analysis, which expedites the negotiation process and patient access to medicines.

1DOC3 is the largest medical teleconsultation platform in Latin America serving more than one million people per month. Launched in Colombia, 1DOC3 has expanded its network to over 500 physicians who service patients in over twenty countries throughout the region.