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Maximizing Value in 
Health Care Companies
Swanhill Capital LLC is an investment partnership dedicated to actively pursuing investments in health care companies, excluding life science ventures. We are committed to long-term capital appreciation and to expanding our investment portfolio. 

We opportunistically participate as a minority or majority investor by infusing capital in companies at all phases of their life cycle from a seed round to a traditional LBO.  

Our team has several years of experience in evaluating companies in a variety of industries throughout all economic and business cycles. We are methodical and meticulous in our assessment of opportunities, and employ a rigorous set of due diligence procedures in our analysis. We seek to uncover and extract intrinsic value that others do not perceive. 

We strive to be creative in our structuring approach to consummate transactions quickly and efficiently. We understand the need to be nimble and decisive in this competitive marketplace in order to capitalize on investment opportunities. 

We are patient investors. We are not in the business of acquiring companies with the expectation of flipping them in the short-term for profit. Rather, we partner with management and seek to nurture our investments for long-term growth and cash flow generation. 

We understand the importance of instilling a culture of excellence in our portfolio companies through disciplined operating procedures designed to achieve superior results. We challenge management to realize the full potential of a company by driving top line growth and cash flow without sacrificing the commitment to contain costs and improve operating margins. We work side by side as a team in developing and executing strategy to achieve this end.  

OpenMarkets' platform allows healthcare providers to realize cost savings on equipment purchases by aggregating group buy opportunities.

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Cohero's proprietary integrated respiratory platform optimizes respiratory care by strengthening medication adherence and efficacy.​

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